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Currently ranked as 6th largest tire manufacturer in revenue from over 180 countries, Hankook pursuits innovation with the Global community as its core and aims to become the leader of its market. With the customers and society always in mind, Hankook wants to contribute to the development of the driving experience worldwide, to create new possibilities, and strive continuously to overcome the many challenges that lie ahead.

Using advanced technology, HANKOOK delivers Safety and Driving comfort. All Hankook tires are designed with a consideration for a wide range driving styles and habits.


Driving emotion beyond mobility

A safe an enjoyable driving experience is every driver’s expectation and is HANKOOK Tire’s foremost challenge. From design Engineers to Marketing professionals Hankook’s focus remains on the relationship between driving experience and tire.

Hankook thoroughly analyses consumer research and extracts useful data to develop tires which satisfy the diverse needs of every driver’s expectations.

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